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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live, local, latebreaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a baltimore tradition came alive tonight. it is the miracle on 34th street. the 2009 christmas tree lights were turned on tonight. it is a decades-old tradition. this year, a warning to those going to see the display. do not fall victim to a scam. >> as you mentioned, this is truly a baltimore tradition. this year, the displays are
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bigger than brighter than ever. the organizer of the display said that for the last three years, a scam artist has been among the visitors taking advantage of people in the holiday spirit. 34 street is a blaze again with holiday lights for the 2009 christmas street display. >> every year, these 22 neighbor set up individual holiday displays and attract thousands of visitors to see the lights, have some hot cocoa, and talk to mr. and mrs. santa claus. it is a tradition to get people in the holiday spirit. >> very unique. what i see here on this lot is togetherness. >> it seems there has been a scrooge among the visitors for the last few years. the organizers as people have told them they have donated
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money to someone who says they are collecting for the homeowners electric bills. >> we take care of ourselves on the block. if people need money to pay for the bills or to pay for the lights, we take care of that ourselves. >> he is warning people not to give out any money. patrons say it is a shame someone is taking advantage of a joyous occasion. >> it is christmas, and people trying to scam people at a time when people are doing this for families. >> it did not dampen the spirits on opening night. plenty of people came out to kick off the holiday season in celebration. >> if you'd like to see the lights in person, the display will be turned on from 6:00 p.m. until midnight every day until the first week of january. >> tonight, the american red cross is helping 13 people who
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were displaced after a fire in northwest baltimore. it started just before 4:00 this afternoon in the 3700 block of woodbine avenue. officials say it started in the basement and eventually spread to the roof. no one was hurt. free people are being treated for burns they received what trying to enhance a bonfire. this happened around 8:00 p.m. last night in the backyard of a home in carroll county. according to the state fire marshal, to amend or flown to the burn unit. a 14-year-old girl was taken to carol hospital. all three victims are expected to survive. state police said they also found narcotics at the scene and are investigating. since october 20, east baltimore has been plagued by a string of rapes. dna testing shows at least two men are responsible and authorities have released two possible sketches of suspects, but there have been no arrests so far.
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community leaders got involved in the search. >> we want to thank all of you for coming out. >> volunteers with baltimore's naacp's in the afternoon canvassing east baltimore, handing out 3000 fliers with police sketches of two suspects in a recent string of rapes in the area. >> we are out here today to distribute this to the community in hopes of bringing this person to justice. >> they want the community to be aware of what is going on and to take extra precautions to ensure there not any more victims. >> if they have to go out late at night or early in the morning, we are asking them to bring somebody with them, take somebody to the bus stop with them. we are asking them to get more actively involved in the community and really look out for what is happening in this side of town. >> crimestoppers is offering $80,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in the case. >> if you have any information,
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contact metro crimestoppers. >> state income tax payments rose drastically. and 28.3% drop compared to the same period last year. kellen county had the most significant decline in tax revenue, and baltimore and montgomery counties also had significant drops. preliminary numbers show black friday shopper spent by% more this year than last year. the company estimates americans spent more than $10.6 billion just today, compared to $10.3 billion in 2008. many people may be holding out for cyber monday, which is a
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little more than 24 hours from now, when retailers offer deals on line. time to talk about the ravens. their number one nemesis is in town tonight, gearing up for sunday night football. the team is without its star quarterback, ben roethlisberger. peake has more on what this means for the home town. >> or paul maalouf is out with injuries. pittsburg will have to use its third string quarterback. despite a good week of pain free practice, the pain grew worse over the last two days. regardless of who wears the black and gold, there will be
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plenty of passion for the ravens. >> i think we have a mutual respect for each other. it is awesome. >> i do not like them. here we go again. >> later in sports we will talk about the steelers' starting quarterback. >> wbal-tv is the place to see the ravens take on the steelers' sunday night at an got 15. set your alarm. -- at 8:15. >> there is a new weapon in the fight against the flu, but it is not for everyone. see who in your family qualifies for this latest texting.
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a van carrying more than a dozen people crashes, killing several children on board. tonight, what officials say only to in that vehicle were wearing seat belts. >> police in florida attempt to interview tiger woods about his early morning crash, but tiger is not talking. what we could learn. >> the winds have calmed and now the temperatures are starting to drop. 44 at the harbour, and the winds are calm.
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>> it was a dramatic scene on a louisiana interstates this afternoon. five people were killed after a mini van blew a tire and crash. four children are among the dead. there were not enough seat belts for all of them.
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police say only two people were buckled in, the driver, who was killed, and a front seat passenger. >> i cannot tell you what would happen if they had been buckled up, but the safest place to be one of vehicle rolls over is inside the vehicle, and these people were ejected from the vehicle. >> the 10 survivors are in critical condition in the hospital. the louisiana legislature just passed a law making it a requirement to wear seat belts in the front as well as the back seat. the florida highway patrol says it is unusual not to hedgecock the statement in a case like this. early friday morning, tiger woods was hospitalized after crashing his suv into a higher bridget fire hydrant and bigotry. his wife said she used -- broke a window with a golf club.
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some good news tonight in the nation's fight against the blue. the fda has approved a new vaccine for seasonal flu. it is given as a single shot and approved for people ages 18 and over. however, it does not protect against the h1n1 virus. common side-effects include pain, headache, muscle aches, and tiredness. a group of local volunteers are working to deliver a merry christmas to our troops overseas. we will show you how. >> the couple that crashed the white house party and the continuing waves of reaction here in washington. that story's coming up. that story's coming up. >> a short-lived warm-up is on
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i'll never doubt you again. >> volunteers from operation christmas treat spent their morning packing up thousands of trees to be sent overseas. they are also being sent to walter reed medical center in washington. now to those white house party crashers. the couple may face criminal charges for showing up at a state dinner uninvited and getting so close to the president, they were able to shake his hand. >> it is a picture worth a thousand words, and then some. the president of the united
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states face-to-face with a pair of unindicted party guests, who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. the secret service is embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how they waltzed into the white house dinner honoring india's prime minister. they cozied up to vice-president biden and a host of other partygoers. she and her husband are reportedly ready to tell their side of the story on monday. on her face but page, michaele says she was honored to be invited. her lawyer insists there were clear by the white house. but the secret service's their names are not on the guest list, and they should have been prohibited from entering their been entirely.
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>> ronald kessler wrote a book about the secret service, which he says has a dangerous habit of putting security corners. >> they could have taken a ninth of the table and stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple. some believe they could be facing criminal charges, a steep price to pay for 15 minutes of fame. she is said to be a onetime member of the washington redskins cheerleader, but they cannot find prove that she ever was. >> now your insta-weather forecast. >> a little windy today, but plenty of sunshine outside. clear skies across much of the tristate area. mainly in the 40's all across the mid atlantic. we are watching some warmer air down across the south and
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southwest. a southerly wind tomorrow will bring in slightly warmer temperatures. tomorrow is going to be the winner. a lot of people out traveling tomorrow and going home and getting ready to go back to work in school. a great opportunity to get outside tomorrow and put up some holiday decorations. it is 39 right now at the airport. 39 in dover, and at the freezing point now in cumberland. temperatures will continue to drop overnight. 52 in the inner harbor today, putting us just about average for this time of year. the record low was 15, set back in 1951. it looks like we'll be flirting with the freezing mark in lots of locations. a big difference from the winds we saw earlier today.
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high pressure in control, just to the south of us right now. sunny conditions tomorrow, it will be a gorgeous day. an extended holiday weekend for a lot of people. the cold front comes and wrecks the party by monday afternoon. monday afternoon, some scattered rain showers. there will be light showers, but a cloudy commute to either work or school early monday morning. cooler temperatures will begin to sink in from the north. much cooler on monday and tuesday. tomorrow will be one of the warmest as we have seen in a while. clear throughout the day tomorrow, then early monday morning the clouds start to arrive. they will quickly move out with the front and we will be back in to sunshine and clear skies into the overtime hours on monday. 57-62 degrees tomorrow, a very pleasant day to be outside.
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all across the state, temperatures in the low 60's in upper 50's. a little qureshi had to the maryland mountains. a great day for football. the temperatures will be in the 50's. 54 on monday, then much cooler. temperatures struggle on tuesday at 48, then the rain arrives around the middle of the week. thursday it will start to dry out. very breezy for next weekend and chilly temperatures. only getting to 46 on friday. >> for the last time this year, maryland football. >> it has been an abysmal season. they are hoping to avoid a really bad record.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> if the ravens did not win this one, and i see how they can ever make the playoffs. one
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he can run the ball. five years ago he beat out joe flacco. flacco transferred to delaware. rounding out a miserable season , they could end up with the worst record in school history. the first quarter today, the defense not helping the cause. chris turner, you have to feel bad for him. capping off a nice drive, a 6 yard touchdown run ties the game. an absolute strike to the
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superstar. the onside kick recovered by the eagles. 19-17. bragging rights for south carolina. he may be the best return man in the country. 88 yards and a touchdown, 7-0 tigers. stephen garcia, breaks the tackle, in 46. third quarter, garcia appalling up the status against his rival. -- piling up the stats. south carolina, 34-17.
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there were just happy to be there. the blue jays looking for yet another upset. the second straight game against an undefeated team. the senior had another big day. 107 yards and two touchdowns. 29-28, but hopkins has the last word. he drilled a 43 yarder. 31-29 victory.
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